Sponsorships & Advertising

The Gallivan Center has opportunities for you and your organization to place your brand downtown.

Balcony Railing Ad Space

Railing Banner 9’ w x 34” h
Railing Banner 22’ w x 34” h
Railing Banner 13’ w x 34” h

Window Ad Space

200 South Windows 57”w x105”h 

Rink/Plaza Windows 57” w x 105” h 7 

printed fabric $3000.00 per + print cost ($296.27)

Fencing Ad Space

Barricades Banners 80” W x 65” H $1,000.0 

Each side printable area 8” w x 34” h ($275.85) 

8k attendee concerts 

Over 400 events a year 

Ice rink activation over 50,000 attendees 

Major bus/Trax location

Ice Rink Inlay

In Ice Marketing for; 6ftx6ft $5,000.00 

In Ice Marketing for; 10ftx10ft $10,000.00 

Open part of the year Perfect view form; any one of the thousands of windows surrounding our rink including but not limited to, The Marriott hotel, Astra Towers, the pinnacle of luxury living in Down Town Salt Lake.